A Nursery Update


Don’t worry, I’m not going to update you with what Alexandra does at nursery every single week! I imagine that could get a little repetitive. But I thought now she’s done two whole sessions that it would finish off my previous posts about deciding she should go to nursery and her settling in sessions.

So last Tuesday, she had her second settling in session where I left her for an hour. On the whole she was fine but I was still a little worried about her first full session on the Thursday (8am to 12.45pm). That morning she woke up way earlier than usual at 6am and she was not a happy bunny – I don’t know if it’s because Dylan was away overnight working in London so she hadn’t seen him since the Tuesday evening, whether her teeth were bothering her or whether she just wasn’t in a good mood. She cried non-stop for ages, I managed to get her to calm down a bit while we both got dressed and then she had an utter meltdown when I started defrosting the car – even though I’d left the front door open and I was about five metres away from her.

All the way to nursery, she cried. It’s only a four-minute drive but it felt a lot longer! When we got there, she still wasn’t happy. They very kindly let me stay while they sat her down ready for breakfast then as soon as she was eating (and thus much calmer) I made my retreat. At about 9.30am I thought I’d call and see how she was – the answer was she was absolutely fine and sat in a circle with the other kids singing and reading books.

When I went to pick her up, she’d just finished eating her lunch and she was super happy. They said she’d got a little tearful because she was tired just before lunch but they’d decided to let her eat rather than try and make her nap. The advantage of not having napped was she fell asleep the instant she got into the car and by the time we were home, I was able to get her shoes off and take her upstairs to bed without even so much as a murmur – and she slept for two hours. A miracle!

Today, she had her second session and it was daddy’s turn to take her. He popped back briefly before going to work and told me she’d been a bit clingy but as soon as breakfast had been mentioned, she’d practically pushed him out of the door. When I went to pick her up, they said there’d been a couple of tears but she’d had a nap, done some painting and enjoyed her lunch. She didn’t notice me for a while so I just watched her getting cleaned up after her food and she looked absolutely fine.

I’m definitely reassured by her first two sessions, she seems to like the interaction with all the new people and when I hear about her doing little activities like painting which we rarely (if ever) find the time to do at home, I know they’re offering her something that I can’t. Also I’m managing to get back into a routine of doing a bit more work – and last week I ate my lunch without a small child begging for scraps like a puppy!

I know a friend whose little one has been in nursery for a while is having problems with drop-off meltdowns at the moment, so I’m not complacent enough to think she will always be happy to go! But we’re just taking it week by week and seeing how we go.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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