A Short Chat

So this week both myself and Alexandra have been poorly and that’s why there hasn’t been a blog up. No excuse I know! I used to be so organised and have a few written ahead of time in case of events like this but then all of a sudden my nice little baby who went to sleep a lot and sat in one place a lot became a toddler running around the house, grabbing everything and anything and requiring A LOT of attention! Add to that the post-wedding and post-holiday tiredness and this manky cold we’ve both had and I am zonked!

We’ve managed to keep some sort of normal service going but haven’t been out as much as we would have liked to and I haven’t got nearly as much work as I should have done completed. Alex’s worst day was Tuesday and she’s massively improved since then (although still a little grouchy with a lingering cough) whereas I’ve felt worse every day so we’re now at the stage where she’s bouncing around while I try (and fail) to keep up!

Anyway that’s my excuse as to the lack of blog post, I’ve just written one for Tuesday so there’ll at least be one next week.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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