All Change, All Change

In her big girl 6-9m clothes!

I’ve decided this sort of age (five/six months) is a bittersweet one. So many people comment that it’s a fantastic age and that’s true – they get so active and they’re lovely and smiley and giggly so in many ways it’s much nicer than the newborn days when they couldn’t really react to you in the same way. But equally, it’s also a time when so many things change and I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

Wardrobe: I’ve recently cleared out all of Alexandra’s three to six month clothes and put them away ready to be given away to a tinier tot. She’s now in her six to nine month clothes which just seems to be a huge number. ‘Six to nine’?! Eek.

Sitting and crawling: We haven’t had complete ‘success’ on either of these fronts yet but Alex is trying very hard with both. She’ll sit (but lent very far forward) for a few seconds but eventually she tips over one way or another. When she goes on her tummy, she pulls her legs up under her and moves them, but she doesn’t lift the top half of her torso off the floor and it doesn’t seem like her arms are quite strong enough to completely do it. Either way, she’ll soon be doing both.

Pushchair: Alex is pretty much growing out of the carrycot section of her pram. We’ll be buying a stroller soon for her to go out and about in.

Own room: Similarly, she’s nearly too big for her Moses basket and six months is the standard ‘accepted’ time to be moving baby out of your room into a nursery. As we get nearer and nearer to that point I get more and more nervous! I don’t want her to leave our room as I’ve got so used to her being there and it signifies a big step for me.


So my baby isn’t a newborn anymore! She’s learning new tasks daily. She does exciting things. And each day I feel hugely proud of her but at the same time feel sad that she’ll never be my tiny little tiddler anymore! Being a parent is so joyful and so sorrowful all at once.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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