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Try getting out of that Houdini!

Try getting out of that Houdini!

On Tuesday I wrote about buying regrets (here), so to balance things out today I’m sharing a couple of things we definitely couldn’t have lived without!

Muslin cloths – so many people told me we needed loads of these and I’m so glad we listened to them! Alexandra hasn’t quite mastered the art of feeding without dribbling so we tend to go through a bib and a muslin every time she has a bottle. They’re also really handy for pretty much everything! Mopping up spilt bottles, wiping dribbly chins, putting down under baby if you need to change while you’re out etc.

Baby gym – ours cost us £35 from Mothercare and is one of the best things we’ve bought. We got it a few weeks ago when Alex started needing a bit more entertainment and started being awake a bit more. She loves rattling all the little toys on it and we have some toys which have been bought separately which also fit on it. We play with her in it but she’s also very content to play on her own for a while in it. The best is when she falls asleep and then moves and sets the toys jangling, completely startling herself in the process!

Sleeping bags – for the first two months while she was really tiny we used cellular blankets in Alexandra’s Moses basket. But once she was a little bigger we made the transition to sleeping bags (with a blanket on top if really cold). They are so much easier! Not least because it gives her the freedom to kick her legs around without making herself cold and it means we’re not worrying about the temperature and constantly tucking her back into the blankets. The current ones she’s got should last til around six months but I can see us continuing to use them until she can be trusted to stay tucked up!

Harriet and Alexandra X

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