Thanks to all the new and exciting technological advances since our grandmothers (and in some cases mothers) had bumps, it’s now possible to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl from around week 16 of your pregnancy (although if you’re waiting on an NHS scan that doesn’t happen until around 20 weeks so anyone finding out earlier than will have had to book a private gender scan). I’m really pointing out the obvious here but some parents-to-be decide they’d rather not know until the both – thus opting to stay ‘Team Yellow’.

I get that there are a whole host of delightful reasons why you’d want it to remain a surprise – perhaps you want baby daddy to tell you if you’ve got a Harry or a Sally, perhaps you think it’ll help you through the birth knowing the end of pushing also signifies the end of not knowing, perhaps you just genuinely don’t mind which it is and want to keep everything neutral anyway so what’s the point in finding out?

I however, am not one of those people who could wait a whole 40 weeks without knowing. I’m one of those people who will see a chocolate bar in front of me and HAVE to eat it now, regardless of whether I’m full or whether I might enjoy it more later. If there’s some sort of news or gossip going round it pains me not to know it! (I was a journalist…!) so I guess nosiness and impatience is a massive reason for me in wanting to find out bumpy’s gender. However, there are some other, probably more valid, reasons:

  • I feel like the day I give birth to my first child will be such a momentous occasion and one I’ll remember forever anyway, so having the ‘added extra’ of the gender surprise doesn’t really seem necessary.
  • A few very kind people have offered us things they’re no longer using for their kids and much of it is gender-specific so it would be nice to be able to let people know if their stuff will actually come in handy.
  • We’ve decorated the nursery in very neutral tones and the furniture is all very plain and white/cream too – but we desperately want to add some accent tones in which would be gender-specific. Arguably we could wait to do this until baby’s here as he/she won’t be sleeping in the nursery for a while anyway, but I’m super organised and want to have everything ready before the birth so there’s no need to worry about decorating afterwards. I’m sure we’ll have plenty else to occupy ourselves!
  • I want to get used to using the name we’ve chosen – we’ve had this inkling it’s a boy and so have generally called the bump ‘he’ but it would be nice to have those few months being able to be definite about that and getting used to the name, being absolutely sure we want it before baby arrives.
  • Have you seen baby clothes?! We’ve bought some white/cream bits and bobs but I am itching for the wardrobe to be full of blues, pinks, greens, whatever it may be!

Harriet and bump x


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