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There’s one thing which has raised eyebrows more than anything else in my pregnancy – and that’s the fact (barring an early arrival) I’ll be walking up the aisle just eight days before my due date. We booked our wedding in November 2014, at the time I’d only been sans-contraception for a month and didn’t think there was anyway we’d be falling pregnant any time soon. At the most I thought I’d be in the early stages of pregnancy if we were lucky to catch quickly. We knew we wanted a child as soon as possible so didn’t really want to put those plans on hold but at the same time we really wanted to get married in 2015 and both thought a September wedding would be perfect.

We hadn’t even got officially engaged (no proposal, no ring) when we went to see our wedding venue but we both fell in love with it instantly. Cue a discussion – we knew we wanted 2015 not 2016, we knew we wanted that venue, they only had two dates free in September. We booked it that day.

Fast forward two months to early January this year, we’d got the caterers, photographer, DJ, cake, invites etc sorted. People had booked hotels, some had booked flights as a few of Dylan’s friends live abroad, all of the wheels were in motion. We sat down on a Friday night to book our dream honeymoon – two weeks out in Thailand. Less than 48 hours later on Sunday, January 11, we took a pregnancy test and found out our little one was on her way!

If I’m honest I didn’t instantly think of the practicalities of having a wedding and due date so close together. My first thought was of the honeymoon, we knew there was no way I’d be able to fly and our estimated due date was halfway through the holiday. Luckily the company were happy to swap the dates and we only had to pay a small charge for the flight alterations. Sorted.

It wasn’t really until people started reacting so shocked when we told them how close the two dates were (originally baby was due 12 days after but at our first scan we were moved forward four days) that I started to think about the ‘ifs’ of the situation. Never have we thought about cancelling or moving the date – we have our hearts set on marrying there and we knew we wouldn’t get a date earlier in the year as they were so busy. Plus even if we could rearrange caterers, DJ etc, we could be heavily impacting those guests who’d already made their travel arrangements.

It was only a week or so again that Dylan pointed out we’d never even talked about what we’d do if the worst happened and the birth coincided with the wedding date. My view, and this will shock anyone who knows me and knows I like to have everything organised at the earliest opportunity, is what will be will be. We don’t know when she’ll arrive, we don’t know how easy the birth will be, we don’t know whether she’ll be a good sleeper, whether I’ll take to motherhood, whether I’ll be up and about really quickly or not. There are so many unknowns. Of course the ideal situation is she stays put until at least 39 weeks but since we can’t determine that until the time I say we just go with the flow!

If nothing else, my waters breaking as I walk down the aisle will provide an amusing anecdote for all our guests for years to come. And I reckon we can legitimately refuse to pay for her wedding if she ruins ours!

Harriet and bump x


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