Growth Scan

Not mine but an example of a growth chart.

Not mine but an example of a growth chart.

Last week I was sent for an extra scan – there are a number of reasons why this can occur but in my case it was because I’d had two fundal measurements which plotted over the 95th centile on the growth chart. To translate this into some sort of English, every two weeks the midwives measure where they think the top of your uterus is to the top of your pubic bone (the fundal measurement), the number of centimetres the bump is should roughly translate to the number of weeks pregnant you are.

There are a number of lines on a chart but the two that really matter are the 95th centile and the 5th – anything below the 5th and they would start getting worried the baby was too small, so would send you for a scan straight away. With anything over the 95th centile, they wait and measure you again in a fortnight and if it’s over again, they send you for a scan. I was only measuring a couple of days ahead of where I should have been but they still sent me just to be sure I wasn’t cooking up a whopper in there!

The scan was essentially the same as the two I’d had before (the regular NHS ones everyone gets at approximately 12 and 20 weeks), but they were looking for very specific measurements. The sonographer looked at how much amniotic fluid was in there, baby’s head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur length. From that they decide on an estimated current weight and plot that on the chart. I’m thrilled to say everything came back entirely within the normal range – she’s above the 50th centile for everything but that’s to be expected as I’m not exactly tiny myself so it’d be weird if I was growing a miniscule baby – and she’s thought to currently be 2,009 grams (4.4.lbs).

I wasn’t hugely worried as I’d said all along I’d rather her be bigger than too small, but it was quite reassuring to see her on screen again and to know that size-wise everything looks great, plus the sonographer was really good at going through all the information and telling me what everything meant – I find some of the health professionals just write stuff in your notes and don’t bother telling you what all the acronyms and medical words are.

Because everything’s fine I don’t have to see anyone as a follow up and will just go back to the midwife for my normal fortnightly check ups as planned.

Harriet and bump x

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