Hospital Bag Part 1


There’s a bit of conflicting advice about when to pack your hospital bag – some women seem to do it the second they’ve conceived and some seem to wait until pretty much their due date. From reading my previous posts, you’ll probably know I do like to be organised, so this week at 30 weeks pregnant I began packing the hospital bag. Began is the key word there as that explains why this is a ‘part 1’ post – so far we’ve only selected baby’s items to go into the bag so I’ll update with a part 2 once my stuff’s in there too.

Before I show you what bump’s luggage contains – let me first just share a small shake of the head at the fact the stuff you take into hospital to have a baby is almost universally known as your ‘hospital bag’ – I’d like to know who has a bag big enough to fit in everything they advise you to take. Seriously, it’s like advising you pack the entire contents of your kitchen cupboards into a sandwich bag. Not. Gonna. Happen. I’m taking a suitcase and praying everything fits in there (apart from the car seat, that’d just be Mary Poppins magic).


First up – toiletries! It’s pretty obvious you’re gonna need nappies for a child. We’ve packed ten size one Mamia nappies (sealed into nappy bags so they don’t end up scattered around in the case) – on the list I was given it says to take a whole pack but we figured if we were running out Dylan can run to the shops or back to our house which is about ten minutes’ drive from the hospital. We’ve also got a pack of Mamia wipes (from Aldi, I’ve heard only good things about Aldi nappies and wipes hence us opting for them) – I tend to use baby wipes myself on my face so these could come in handy for me!, nappy bags (I LOVE the smell of these things (when empty!) – anyone else?), cotton wool buds – again in a nappy bag so they don’t go everywhere and a couple of miniature nappy creams we got in those lovely sample bags everyone sends you during your pregnancy. I didn’t know if we’d need them and definitely didn’t want to take full-size stuff so this was a good compromise.


Blankets and muslin squares – we’ve packed four muslin squares, two from Primark and two from Home Bargains I think! Plus the cellular blanket on the right of the picture which was from Aldi. The blanket on the left I’m going to leave in the car seat to tuck her into if it’s chilly when we leave the hospital – it was again from Aldi I think!


Tiny clothes! We’ve gone for four vests, babygrows and hats, again figuring Dylan can nip home for more if we need them. All of these are either newborn or 0-3. We’re not sure if we’ll bring her home in one of these sets yet or whether we might see something nearer the time which we want her to make her debut in!


Mitts, bib and cardigan. The list I was going off didn’t include a bib but I figured it couldn’t do any harm! The two sets of star mitts match with the sets included in the previous pics (cause I heard they deduct parenting points if the baby’s not matching head to toe!) with a couple of plain pairs for the outfits which didn’t come with them. Cardigan obviously for her coming home if it’s a bit nippy out, although considering September’s usually a warm month we might be roasting the poor girl with all these hats and woollens!

And that’s about it for baby’s bits. It’s really hard to know whether you’re going overboard or whether you’ve really not packed enough. But if we’re in there for longer than expected that’s when living so close to the hospital will really come in handy. Will be back soon with my hospital stuff, which I can assure you will be much less cute and not very glamorous!

Harriet and bump x

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