Labouring The Point

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Image from WeHeartIt

When you get pregnant, there’s one thing that’s inevitable. At some point, that baby’s got to get out of you somehow. For some people, there’ll be an elective caesarean meaning they’ll go into hospital on a specific date, go down to theatre and come back with an extra person. For the majority though, it’s all a little less planned than that.

From practically the second my egg was fertilised people have been asking me how I feel about the birth. No actually, I’ll rephrase that because that made it sound much calmer than it normally is. From practically the second I became pregnant, people have been screeching ‘OMG WHAT ABOUT THE BIRTH OMG ARE YOU NOT SO SCARED OMG IT’S GOING TO BE THE WORST THING EVER’. It all seems part of the ‘horror story’ mentally a lot of people seem to have where they’d like to completely terrify you about every part of the process- so much so I’m going to dedicate a whole blog post to it very soon!

Personally, I know in round about 20 weeks I’m going to have to push a human out of my body. I know unless something goes wrong it’ll be coming out my *ahem* lady bits rather than the sunroof. I know that it will probably hurt. A lot.

But I also know in around about 20 weeks I’ll become a mother for the first time, I’ll hold a child I created (well, myself and Dylan – can’t take all of the credit!) in my arms, I’ll get to see whether it looks more like me or him, I’ll get all of the joys (yes I know there are lows too!) which come with this parenthood journey.

So yes, labour is likely not to be the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, but the end result should be the best thing I’ll ever do. Despite the fact I’m trying to think like that, I’ll probably at some point during the process become less calm about it. But to me, a day of intense worrying about what your body’s going through – when you can actually do something about it because it’s happening and you need to breathe and push etc – is much more productive than nine months of scaring myself witless. If I spend from now until September panicking about the birth, it won’t change how the labour experience is for me. And if it does, it won’t make it any more positive!

I’m sure those who’ve been through it all before will have an entirely different view and will probably be rolling their eyes at my naivety – but on this occasion I would rather go into it with those positive thoughts. And in all reality, I don’t think I’m being naïve – I’m prepared for it to be awful (can you imagine me writing this saying ‘ah I’m sure it’ll be fine, a breeze, no worries) and we’ve all watched birth videos on YouTube (no, just me?), I’m just choosing not to focus on the whole ‘thing the size of a watermelon pushing its way out of your insides and probably ruining your body in the process’. Let me have that, okay?

How did you feel ahead of your first labour? If you were fairly calm about the whole thing, do you think it helped or did that laidback vibe all go to pot once baby started arriving?

Harriet and bump x


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