Newborn Neutrals


Before finding out bump was a little girl, we’d gone out and bought a few bits and bobs in neutral colours – I’m not one of those people who could have waited til 20 weeks before making any purchases and I think some of the white/cream stuff looks really cute, you can always add some colour somewhere else in their outfit anyway! So today I wanted to share some of the stuff we bought, perhaps for people looking to buy neutral themselves or just for people who like to aww at tiny clothes for tiny people. Everything shown here is 0-3 months with the exception I think of the first picture which is newborn – we’ve tended to go for the bigger stuff and then will buy anything smaller nearer the time if we think baby’s going to be very tiny.


LEFT: This little set featuring sleepsuit, vest, mitts, hat and bib was from a shop in Shropshire for a really good price – unfortunately I can’t find it online.

BELOW: Hat and mittens (I’m a sucker for anything with ears on it) from The Little White Company (buy online here).




LEFT: We bought a pack of three sleeveless vests and a pack of three long sleeved vests from Primark – always going to come in handy!

BELOW: I believe this set was from TK Maxx, I’m not a huge fan of their adult-size clothing but the baby stuff is well worth a look, especially for sets like this.




IMG_4285ABOVE: I love the triangular dribble bibs – this set of three was from Sainsbury’s and very kindly bought by my mom alongside a set of three sleepsuits including one which has the cute elephant and zebra design. Unfortunately they’re not online!

RIGHT: A stripy hat and bear booties from H&M – so cute! Again not online although they do have some lovely hats on the website.



LEFT: Little Bear stripy sleepsuit and hat from Primark. I love all their bear related stuff!

BELOW: Matalan bear snow suit – again with the ears and bear related stuff! This was picked up in the sale before all the summer stuff came in so again isn’t on their website anymore.




LEFT: 0-6 month sleeping bag with teddy bear and rabbit design (again with the bears!) We think we’re going to stick with sleeping bags until little one is big enough for a duvet.

BELOW: Set of seven cream bibs from Primark and a set of two plain scratch mitts, also Primark.




ABOVE: Possibly my favourite thing ever! A ‘bear-st of friends’ t-shirt which came in a two pack with a grey and white stripy one (just visible underneath). We spent ages in the shop debating if a girl could wear the grey one, resulting in me pairing it up with every single pink/mint green pair of leggings in the shop before we decided that yes, it would be okay!

lf you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below as I’d like to show you some more non-clothing bits and bobs that we’ve got plus some more girly clothing. But I don’t want to force it on you!

Harriet and bump x



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