Review: Sea Life Centre

Chilling with her new pal.

Chilling with her new pals.

This week a number of things happened (all of which I’m going to blame for this post being overdue by three days!): it was my birthday, Dylan took the week off and we went to the Sea Life Centre.

It’s fairly close to us in Birmingham so I have been when I was much, much younger but couldn’t really remember much about it (aside from the obvious, like there’d be some fish there!), as a result I was pretty excited to go back and also to see Alexandra’s reaction.

The result was a great day enjoyed by all! It looks quite small from the outside but they’ve made clever use of the space and have managed to pack a lot in. The first thing you get to see are penguins which are one of my favourite animals. Alex sat for ages watching them too.

There were a few school trips there at the same time as us which made it busy at points but once they’d gone past us it was quite quiet being a Monday (although have you ever had to queue behind a whole class of tiny people for the loo? They do not understand the concept of hurrying up!). We said next time we’d maybe look to go in the first week of September as there wouldn’t be any school trips then. I think we’ll wait until Alex is walking to go back as it ended up that one of us was carrying her and the other was pushing the empty pushchair around for most the way – I think had she been a bit smaller she might have stayed in her pushchair but now she just wants to explore everything.

There’s a lovely rock pool where you can put your hands in the water so Alexandra got to touch a starfish which she was quite gentle with (I had horrific visions of her picking it up and hurling it across the room!).

We didn’t watch the 3D film but probably would do next time if Alex is a bit older and likely to sit still with the glasses on. All in all, we were there about two and a half hours which was perfect really. I’d definitely recommend it to any families looking to go (or enthusiastic adults! Dylan’s a diver so he was in his element and I basically had to stop him trying to climb into the tanks with the sharks!)

Harriet and Alexandra x

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