The Week That Was: Week 28


As promised, I’m going to be reporting weekly on the goings-on during my third trimester. I am now officially 29 weeks pregnant so just looking back on week 28 today. If you want to see what happened during the last bit of my second trimester, click here!

This week I suddenly feel hugely, ridiculously pregnant. I feel like I don’t fit into spaces (like doorways) anymore, like there might be a fully-grown adult in there not a baby. This is ridiculous when I consider I still have up to 13 weeks left if she decides to hang on til she’s overdue. I know I’ve been growing at a ‘normal’ rate and I’ve felt the effects of a stretching tummy for a long time now so it doesn’t really make sense. Perhaps it’s just because I know I’m in the third trimester, the home straight if you will, and this is the time when I’m going to potentially start falling over because I’m so front-heavy.

Baby is still very low and very helpfully pressing on all sorts of nerves in my back. This combined with how big I am (remind me of this when I’m writing week 40’s blog and I am probably seven times as large as right now) means every movement I make is now accompanied with an old woman groan or moan. There is now no way to turn over in bed without uttering an ‘ow’ or similar – and don’t even get me started on those numerous walks to the toilet in the night, which involve rolling to the side of the bed, getting out the bed, walking all the way there, sitting down, standing up and then making the (less than ten metre) journey back into bed.

We’re halfway through our NCT classes (but I’m going to talk about how they’re going on Tuesday so pop back then if you’re interested!) and have now also dipped under 80 days left til the due date – scary and exciting stuff! I had an appointment with the health visitor on Wednesday who just popped round to meet me so the first time I see her isn’t after baby’s arrival. She asked a few questions, told me a few things and then that’ll be it until between ten and 14 days after birth. It’s apparently a new thing they’re doing to ensure people feel more comfortable than if they just pitch up when you’re already dealing with a newborn.

The (slightly less baby related) news of the week is that months ago we bought one of these super duper smoothie makers/blenders/juicers etc that basically change the consistency of any food for you. The idea was we’d use it regularly and then once little one is ready for weaning we could make our own purees rather than splashing out on jars of baby food. Until Monday it was sat in the kitchen looking slightly lonely and completely unused – but now I’ve got into smoothie making in a big way! I figure it’s good for baby to up my fruit intake, plus it means by the time she’s here I’ll be a pro at using this machine.

Anyway, that’s about all for this week. Tune in next Sunday when I’ll be (eek!) 30 weeks and looking back on the last week of my 20s!

Harriet and bump x

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