The Week That Was: Week 33

Teddy enjoying the sunshine!

Teddy enjoying the sunshine!

It seems a little surreal writing about my 33rd week of pregnancy – the weeks are flying by now and there’s barely more than 40 days left (or 50 if I go overdue), but at the same time I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and can’t wait for her to actually be here now.

This week I went for a routine appointment with the midwife which again showed everything was good – you know if you’re feeling regular movements that’s a great sign but I always get a little moment of worry as I walk to the doctor’s wondering how it will go, especially this week as my appointment happened to coincide with Dylan being in London for the day training with his new job. But thankfully, my wee/blood pressure were fine, her heart rate is spot on and I’m just waiting on the results of my (probably) final blood test during pregnancy.

Movement wise she has been one active baby this week! It started early in the week when I looked down and happened to catch a humongous belly shift – she had been lying head down with back along my left side. I was pretty convinced she’d settled in a more ‘straight down the middle’ position and for the following two/three days I had horrendous rib pain. I wondered if they might actually be broken! Every time I breathed/coughed/yawned/sneezed/walked I was almost crying. It wasn’t good. Her position with her bum wedged right up in my ribcage was confirmed on Wednesday by the midwife. I was not a happy bunny! I mean, top marks to her for being in the right position but definitely points deducted for GBH!

Thankfully she appears to have shifted down a little and my ribs are a little freer now, although I’m now getting all sorts of odd sensations quite low down which feel like she’s karate chopping her way out of there. Trying to keep a straight face when in public and suffering blows to your lady bits is pretty hard sometimes!

I am definitely absolutely huge right now. I look down sometimes and think ‘ooh the bump’s not actually that big’ but then I catch a glimpse of myself sideways in a mirror and wonder how I’m not actually breaking the furniture when I sit down on it.

Social-wise, I signed up for a baby sensory class which was really weird as they emailed me saying ‘*baby’s name* is now booked on to *class details*’ which made me giggle slightly. She’s definitely a 21st century baby getting e-mails while she’s still in the womb. And I saw the lovely ladies from my NCT class this week too, plus the first baby to be born out of the group who is absolutely adorable! It does slightly bring it home that we will have one of our very own super soon.

Other highlights of the week: finishing the hospital bag (blog post about that scheduled for August 13) and having a practice session of putting the car seat in the car (who makes these things, seriously?!)

Harriet and bump x

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