The Week That Was: Week 34


This week has been a pretty rough one but thankfully nothing to do with my pregnancy, which has been progressing well. On Tuesday I felt a little bit ropey and by Wednesday afternoon that had turned into a full on viral ear infection which is still plaguing me now. Thanks to being up the duff there’s very little I can do or take to alleviate the symptoms which are mainly horrible pain all up the side of my face – also if it was a bacterial infection I could have antibiotics but they won’t work for the viral kind. Typical!

So I’ve been having regular paracetamol – even though it’s safe I’ve tried not to take any during my pregnancy so this is only the third time (first was when I saw a doctor fairly early on in the pregnancy for what turned out to be ligament pain and second was when I got bitten in Thailand) that I’ve taken any painkillers but I’m struggling even with them so I can’t really go without.

I managed to get out and about on Wednesday before it had really got bad to see my NCT antenatal class friends, plus the one baby who’s been born so far which was lovely especially as I got to have a cuddle with him. Then yesterday it was time for my hen do which had been organised by my best friend and chief bridesmaid Manda. I was so annoyed it happened to fall on the week I’ve been poorly but I had a lovely time regardless! I’m going to do a separate post on having a hen do so pregnant!

Apart from that I have very little to report pregnancy-wise, a very active baby making sure she does plenty of kicks and rolls!

See you next week when I’ll be just a week away from being term! Eek!

Harriet and bump x

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