The Week That Was: Week 35

35+5 bump

35+5 bump

Apologies for a very late update this week. It hasn’t been the best of weeks health-wise although it could have been a lot worse and thankfully baby is absolutely fine. In my update last week I spoke about the pesky ear infection which had invaded my life completely uninvited, unfortunately it’s been lingering on this week too and that’s resulted in two hospital visits over the weekend.

I started getting really blurred vision and dizziness yesterday so called up the day assessment unit and they asked me to come and get checked over. Everything was fine with the little one but after three and a half hours of being monitored and waiting around for doctors etc I was definitely feeling worse for wear. They wanted me to stay in but weren’t actually going to monitor me overnight, I was just meant to have a blood test and then wait for the ear, nose and throat doctors to visit me this morning. Instead I decided going home would be much more beneficial to try and get some sleep – and to let poor Dylan sleep as he wasn’t well either and it was nearly 11pm by this point.

So we went back this morning and eventually after another four hours got prescribed some stuff by the ENT doctors which will hopefully shift the fluid which has apparently built up behind my ear and is causing the pressure and headaches in the left side of my head.

Thankfully I also got the bump remeasured – the midwife yesterday measured me as 32cm which is obviously behind what I should be and is also lower than I’ve been measuring for a few weeks. Cue the need for a growth scan, both myself and Dylan were puzzled wondering how the bump could have shrunk?! But this morning a different midwife got 37cm which is perfectly fine and thus she was happy to cancel the scan and let me see my own community midwife on Wednesday to be measured again.

Apart from that, baby is moving well and her heartbeat is alway super loud and strong which is very reassuring. We bought her a baby bouncer this week but other than that I haven’t really done much cause I’ve felt so rotten! I’m hoping to write next week’s update feeling much brighter.

See you on Sunday when I’ll be term!

Harriet and bump x

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