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Motherhood is a steep learning curve, so steep it’s hard not to fall off at some points! No matter how much you read or research beforehand, I feel like nothing can prepare you for being handed a miniature human being and having to keep them not only alive, but happy/engaged/fulfilled etc, for the rest of their lives. Regardless, in the hope of sharing some wisdom I’ve had a little think about things I didn’t know before I became a mom:

Your own child will disgust you. We’ve all smelled a baby’s nappy and had our stomach turn. I figured you wouldn’t mind when it was your own but nope, there’s still an absolute horror which fills you when a terrible waft comes past your nose and you open a nappy to see a poonami.
But you’ll still love them beyond belief. If anyone else sicked in your hair (but somehow secretly so you didn’t notice until hours later while you were out. True story.) you’d be pretty hacked off. Baby does it and you look at them and you’re still filled with love.
You’ll love your partner even more. There’s nothing cuter than seeing your baby with their daddy and, even if you thought you loved them before, your heart will swell at the sight (I know, I know, pass the sick bucket!).
Babies are hilarious. Long before they’re talking, babies have a special knack of being hysterically funny. Their giggles are infectious and making them dance/talk/do any manner of hilarious things can be a game which lasts for hours.
Sometimes you just wish they were born talking. You will at one point (or many points) stare exasperately down at your child and demand they tell you what’s wrong. When you’ve tried feeding them, burping them, trying to get them to sleep, entertaining them and nothing is making them calm, you will turn to your child who has yet to utter a word and attempt to get them to telepathically communicate with you why they’re so grumpy.
Being sick is a ‘non event’. When I’m sick, I feel rotten for ages before, I spend ages hurling and then tend to feel a bit shoddy afterwards too. When Alexandra’s sick, five seconds before she can be laughing and smiling away, it comes out her mouth and then a moment later she’s acting like nothing’s happened. A bit of warning would be nice!

Any others you’d add to the list? (I probably will think of many more as time goes on!)

Harriet and Alexandra x

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